EBT has been in public accounting for over 50 years, with a commitment to client service that has contributed to substantial growth from a staff of eight in 2000 to a complement of over seventy staff today. EBT is driven by its principals who are supported by a strong professional staff with a wide range of knowledge and experience. Click on the picture below to learn more about each Principal.

Amanda Finke


403.526.5011 (Ext. 132) [email protected]

Amy Brees


403.526.5011 (Ext. 183) [email protected]

Brent Fisher


403.526.5011 (Ext. 112) [email protected]

Brett Pudwell


403.526.5011 (Ext.126) brett.p[email protected]

Cody Ibbotson


403.526.5011 (Ext. 114) [email protected]

Curtis Ensminger


403.526.5011 (Ext. 106) [email protected]

Dalyce Cooper


403.526.5011 (Ext. 179) [email protected]

Dan Thompson


403.526.5011 (Ext. 113) [email protected]

Derek Hirsch


403.526.5011 (Ext. 156) [email protected]

Donna Adams


403.526.5011 (Ext. 108) [email protected]

Graeme Cruickshank


403.526.5011 (Ext. 165) [email protected]

Hayden Beck


403.526.5011 (Ext. 153) [email protected]

John Tempest


403.526.5011 (Ext. 160) [email protected]

Morgan Harrison


403.526.5011 (Ext. 123) [email protected]

Rémi Poissant


403.526.5011 (Ext. 125) [email protected]

Ryan Sirovyak


403.526.5011 (Ext. 135) [email protected]

Todd Beck


403.526.5011 (Ext. 109) [email protected]

Staff Directory

Aimee Yee[email protected]Ext. 145Medicine Hat
Aleise Entem, CPA, CA [email protected]Ext. 342Medicine Hat
Alicia Willoughby[email protected]Ext. 159Medicine Hat
Amanda Ausmus, CPA[email protected]Ext. 185Medicine Hat
Amanda Finke, CPA, CA[email protected]Ext. 132Medicine Hat
Amanda Parlee[email protected]Ext. 143Medicine Hat
Amber Courtoreille, CPHR[email protected]Ext. 100Medicine Hat
Amber Dewar, CPA, CA[email protected]Ext. 133Medicine Hat
Amber Wagner[email protected]Ext. 120Medicine Hat
Amy Brees, CPA, CA[email protected]Ext. 183Medicine Hat
Andrea Brown[email protected]Ext. 406Swift Current
Andrea Schlenker[email protected]Ext. 354Medicine Hat
Andrew Maier[email protected]Ext. 341Medicine Hat
Angelina Warkentine[email protected]Ext. 103Medicine Hat
April Dart[email protected]Ext. 187Medicine Hat
Ashley Cranmer[email protected]Ext. 192Medicine Hat
Ashley Serbu, CPA, CA[email protected]Ext. 191Medicine Hat
Austyn Dalla Longa[email protected]Ext. 332Medicine Hat
Brayden Penner[email protected]Ext. 172Medicine Hat
Brent Fisher, CPA, CA[email protected]Ext. 112Medicine Hat
Brent Haubrich[email protected]Ext. 397Swift Current
Brett Pudwell, CPA, CA[email protected]Ext. 126Medicine Hat
Brittany Hutchings, CPA[email protected]Ext. 168Medicine Hat
Cam Robinson[email protected]Ext. 102Medicine Hat
Candy Roberts, CPA, CA[email protected]Ext. 141Medicine Hat
Carol Cornu[email protected]Ext. 309Medicine Hat
Caron Sparling[email protected]Ext. 105Medicine Hat
Carson Price[email protected]Ext. 118Medicine Hat
Celeste Tisdale[email protected]Ext. 150Medicine Hat
Chad Wirth[email protected]Ext. 116Medicine Hat
Cheryl Friedt[email protected]Ext. 139Medicine Hat
Christina Unger[email protected]Ext. 110Medicine Hat
Cindi Schulz, CPA[email protected]Ext. 144Medicine Hat
Cindy Gardiner, CPA[email protected]Ext. 195Medicine Hat
Cody Ibbotson, CPA, CA[email protected]Ext. 114Medicine Hat
Cody Nicoll, CPA[email protected]Ext. 134Medicine Hat
Colanne Kalanuk, CPA, CA[email protected]Ext. 308Medicine Hat
Craig Ruttan, CPA[email protected]Ext. 129Medicine Hat
Curtis Ensminger , CPA, CA[email protected]Ext. 106Medicine Hat
Dalyce Cooper, CPA, CA[email protected]Ext. 402Swift Current
Dan Thompson, CPA, CA[email protected]Ext. 113Medicine Hat
Daniel Wilson [email protected]Ext. 199Medicine Hat
Danielle Bowers[email protected]Ext. 107Medicine Hat
Davis Griscowsky, CPA [email protected]Ext. 323Medicine Hat
Deanna Spencer[email protected]Ext. 100Medicine Hat
Derek Hirsch, CPA, CA[email protected]Ext. 156Medicine Hat
Derian Swaren[email protected]Ext. 367Medicine Hat
Diana Bherer[email protected]Ext. 161Medicine Hat
Diana Greaves, LLB, CPA, CA[email protected]Ext. 136Medicine Hat
Donna Adams, CPA, CA[email protected]Ext. 108Medicine Hat
Elizabeth Stock, CPA[email protected]Ext. 416Swift Current
Ellemae Cherrett[email protected]Ext. 181Medicine Hat
Graeme Cruickshank, CPA[email protected]Ext. 165Medicine Hat
Hayden Beck, CPA, CA[email protected]Ext. 153Medicine Hat
Jackie Watson[email protected]Ext. 407Swift Current
Jane Poissant, CPA, CA[email protected]Ext. 138Medicine Hat
Jason Hieb, CPA, CA[email protected]Ext. 122Medicine Hat
John Tempest, CPA, CA[email protected]Ext. 160Medicine Hat
Jordin Beck[email protected]Ext. 322Medicine Hat
Judy Kallenberger[email protected]Ext. 147Medicine Hat
Kaitlyn Dejong[email protected]Ext. 188Medicine Hat
Kala Myer[email protected]Ext. 171Medicine Hat
Kalea Mae [email protected]Ext. 340Medicine Hat
Karen Guenther[email protected]Ext. 405Swift Current
Kate Mulder[email protected]Ext. 117Medicine Hat
Kathy Johnson[email protected]Ext. 152Medicine Hat
Keiko Linowski[email protected]Ext. 179Medicine Hat
Kellie Smith [email protected]Ext. 371Medicine Hat
Kelly Bengert[email protected]Ext. 140Medicine Hat
Kelsey Robinson, CPA[email protected]Ext. 330Medicine Hat
Kendell Lerner, CPA[email protected]Ext. 115Medicine Hat
Kristen Suelaman[email protected]Ext. 124Medicine Hat
Kristin Klein[email protected]Ext. 343Medicine Hat
Kyle Groenenboom[email protected]Ext. 193Medicine Hat
Kyle Pudwell, MBA[email protected]Ext. 130Medicine Hat
Lauren Bueckert, CPA, CA[email protected]Ext. 194Medicine Hat
Leslie Zeller, CPA[email protected]Ext. 167Medicine Hat
Lynda Sailer[email protected]Ext. 149Medicine Hat
Lyndia Fedosa [email protected]Ext. 314Medicine Hat
Madison Sharp[email protected]Ext. 414Swift Current
Maria Folkersen, CPA, CA[email protected]Ext. 148Medicine Hat
McKenzie Pudwell, CPA[email protected]Ext. 164Medicine Hat
Megan Jonker [email protected]Ext. 361Medicine Hat
Meghan Schneider[email protected]Ext. 155Medicine Hat
Melisa Berglind[email protected]Ext. 409Swift Current
Michelle Benson[email protected]Ext. 157Medicine Hat
Michelle McMahon[email protected]Ext. 366Medicine Hat
Morgan Harrison, CPA, CA[email protected]Ext. 123Medicine Hat
Morgan Hyam, CPA, CA[email protected]Ext. 146Medicine Hat
Natalie Leahy[email protected]Ext. 370Medicine Hat
Nathan Vanderham[email protected]Ext. 169Medicine Hat
Paige Cross[email protected]Ext. 412Swift Current
Paitin Hoffarth[email protected]Ext. 419Swift Current
Pam Pickard[email protected]Ext. 128Medicine Hat
Philip Lee[email protected]Ext. 363Medicine Hat
Rachelle Milton[email protected]Ext. 177Medicine Hat
Rachelle Mondor, CPA[email protected]Ext. 182Medicine Hat
Rémi Poissant, CPA, CA[email protected]Ext. 125Medicine Hat
Rose-Marie Meier[email protected]Ext. 163Medicine Hat
Ryan Cook, CPA[email protected]Ext. 111Medicine Hat
Ryan Sirovyak, CPA, CA, CPA (IL,USA)[email protected]Ext. 135Medicine Hat
Sanjay Grover[email protected]Ext. 312Medicine Hat
Sara McCarthy[email protected]Ext. 189Medicine Hat
Shane Bredy[email protected]Ext. 121Medicine Hat
Shayna Dunn[email protected]Ext. 142Medicine Hat
Shelly Middleton[email protected]Ext. 154Medicine Hat
Stephanie Schiebelbein, CPA[email protected]Ext. 166Medicine Hat
Sydney Vanderham[email protected]Ext. 175Medicine Hat
Taylor Meade[email protected]Ext. 362Medicine Hat
Tekayha Schneider[email protected]Ext. 365Medicine Hat
Terra Drescher[email protected]Ext. 320Medicine Hat
Todd Beck, CPA, CA[email protected]Ext. 109Medicine Hat
Trish Lanz[email protected]Ext. 104Medicine Hat
Trisha Warnke[email protected]Ext. 401Swift Current
Troy Ferguson[email protected]Ext. 173Medicine Hat
Turner Griscowsky[email protected]Ext. 310Medicine Hat
Tyler Bragg[email protected]Ext. 417Swift Current
Tyler Schaufele[email protected]Ext. 170Medicine Hat
Tyson Chow[email protected]Ext. 119Medicine Hat
Yanela Benitez[email protected]Ext. 311Medicine Hat