Accounting & Assurance

We pride ourselves on going beyond basic compliance with our clients and trying to find tax effective solutions while meeting the requirements of stakeholders. We can meet your needs through: Audit, Review Engagements, Compilations and Bookkeeping services.

Our office has been built with a strong focus on meeting the taxation needs of small to medium sized businesses and personal tax clients. We focus on providing taxation advice that is relevant to our clients’ situations and staying up to date on current tax law. Our tax services include personal & corporate tax preparation & planning, corporate reorganization, estate planning, GST preparation and compliance.

As new opportunities are presenting themselves for Canadian business and personal investment in the United States, we have recognized the opportunities and expanded our knowledge to meet these opportunities. There are significant differences between Canada Revenue Agency and the Internal Revenue Service (USA) that are difficult to navigate through. Having that access to timely, accurate information can make all the difference. We will ensure you are put on the right path.

We can advise you on expanding your business into the United States, investing in US rental or personal recreational property or wish to recover the withholding tax on US gambling winnings. Our extensive experience allows our clients to deal with Corporate, personal and withholding tax as well as aiding them in being compliant as it relates to US taxation. We will provide our clients with the appropriate information to make informed decisions. One of our Principals holds a US CPA (Certified Public Accountant) designation, which allows us to provide additional services including, but not limited to: US tax compliance for ex-patriots, corporate income tax for Canadian companies doing business in the United States, estate planning and management services.

Our consulting services are adapted to your needs and range from quarterly analysis and internal control review to financial projections and maintenance, all the way to on site controller and chief financial officer work.

Are you looking at purchasing a new business, doing some estate planning or completing a tax re-organization? We do business valuations. We have valued businesses in most industries that are active in the Medicine Hat area.

We have a large agriculture client base that has allowed us to focus on specific agricultural issues such as Agri-stabilitiy, Agri-invest, succession planning and tax planning.

Whether you are concerned about your personal budget, your retirement goals or your estate and will planning, we can help to set and monitor your appropriate goals.

We offer a full range of auditing services for small and medium for profit and non-profit organizations and municipalities. Our approach to audit involves customizing and adapting to each client’s needs.

Our risk-based approach to conducting audits starts with obtaining an in-depth understanding of your organization. That enables us to identify strengths, weaknesses, and business risks and their impact on the engagement.

Our office works with communal organizations and colonies to adapt our various services to their specific needs. This can range from annual corporate, trust, and personal return filing right down to monthly bookkeeping on an as needed basis.

Bookkeeping and Payroll

In keeping with our core principles of a full-service office, we provide in house bookkeeping on either a monthly, quarterly or annual basis as well as payroll services as required.