EBT Chartered Professional Accountants

EBT Chartered Professional Accountants, an association of independent practices, is a full-service accounting office, with locations in both Alberta and Saskatchewan. Serving all industries, EBT assists clients based in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and beyond, including international clientele.

EBT has been in public accounting for over 45 years, with a commitment to client service that has contributed to substantial growth, from a staff of 8 in 2000 to a complement of over 70 staff today.

EBT is driven by its principals Amanda Finke, Amy Brees, Brent Fisher, Cody Ibbotson, Curtis Ensminger, Dan Thompson, Derek Hirsch, Donna Adams, Morgan Harrison, Rémi Poissant, and Todd Beck. who are supported by a strong professional staff with a wide range of knowledge and experience.


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