Responding to a tax instalment reminder from the CRA

Sometime during the month of February, millions of Canadians will receive mail from the Canada Revenue Agency. That mail, a “Tax Instalment Reminder”, will set out […]

Taking advantage of pension income splitting

Income tax is a big-ticket item for most retired Canadians. Especially for those who are no longer paying a mortgage, the annual tax bill may be […]

RRSPs and TFSAs – making the annual choice

If there is one invariable “rule” of financial and retirement planning of which most Canadians are aware, it is the unquestioned wisdom of making regular contributions […]

Authorizing a representative – current rules and upcoming changes

There’s no denying that the Canadian tax system is complex, even for individuals with relatively straightforward tax and financial circumstances. As well, significant costs can follow […]

Tax changes effective January 1, 2020

Alberta The general corporate income tax rate will decrease from 11% to 10%, effective January 1, 2020. The provincial education and tuition tax credits are eliminated […]

Tax deadlines and limits for the 2020 tax year

Each new tax year brings with it a listing of tax payment and filing deadlines, as well as some changes with respect to tax planning strategies. […]

Federal individual tax rates and brackets for 2020

The indexing factor for federal tax credits and brackets for 2019 is 1.9%. The following federal tax rates and brackets will be in effect for individuals […]

Federal individual tax credits for 2020

Dollar amounts on which individual non-refundable federal tax credits for 2020 are based, and the actual tax credit claimable, will be as follows: Credit amount                        Tax […]

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