Why plan ahead with EBT?

Complicated estates require a deeper level of planning to ensure that your legacy is properly passed on to the next generation.

We will guide you through the entire process and explain your options so you can make educated decisions based on your unique situation and estate plan. Have peace of mind knowing that your wishes will be understood and followed.

How we can help:
  • Fully customizable executor services
  • Business succession planning, intergenerational wealth transfers, creating trusts, protecting your assets, full service tax planning, and tax returns
  • Managing the estate’s trusts and assets until they can be distributed in accordance with your will
  • Estate tax returns, final personal tax returns, optional tax returns, clearance certificates
  • Guiding beneficiaries regarding their inheritance
  • Making final arrangements, including funeral or memorial services in accordance with your wishes
  • Providing timely updates to your beneficiaries on the status of your estate

Executor Services Articles

Expert knowledge and experience.

EBT will keep you up-to-date on information regarding recent income tax developments, legislation changes, and strategies to optimize and reduce your income taxes.

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