Comprehensive tax plans

EBT has a strong focus on the taxation of our business and personal tax clients. We provide a comprehensive tax plan based on the specific needs of each client, which focuses not only on fulfilling government filing requirements but also on tax planning opportunities.

Significant changes to tax legislation in recent years has greatly impacted how clients operate and structure their businesses, and our office prides itself on staying up to date with these changes to ensure you comply with both Canadian and international tax laws, while minimizing taxes payable.

Some of the tax services offered include:

  • Personal Tax Return Preparation
  • Corporate Tax Return Preparation
  • Personal and Corporate Tax Planning
  • Corporate Reorganization
  • Estate Planning
  • Trust Filings
  • GST & PST Compliance

Taxation Articles

Expert knowledge and experience.

EBT will keep you up-to-date on information regarding recent income tax developments, legislation changes, and strategies to optimize and reduce your income taxes.

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